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A Happy New Year - Mollette (Dec 30)

"2019" - Kamensky Cartoon (Dec 30)

Maximum enforcement is a CHP holiday tradition (Dec 25)

Desert Roadrunner Mid-Year Service Changes (Dec 22)

"Anti-Topple Tree" - Moran Cartoon (Dec 22)

Veteran-friendly hiring policy leads to new veteran hires (Dec 22)

CHP notes new roadway safety laws (Dec 22)

Riverside CountyWe could all lose a little (Dec 21)

US Citizen arrested for smuggling heroin (Dec 21)

Arizona detectives arrest two suspects in $16.1 million California recycling fraud case (Dec 21)

Windy’s Words of Wisdom - Randles (Dec 21)

Why We Need Christmas - Mollette (Dec 19)

Human smuggling attempted in a Jeep (Dec 11)

Multiple meth smuggling attempts (Dec 11)

Nearly $200K in meth seized from vehicle circumventing checkpoint (Dec 11)

Two youths severely injured after falling off border wall (Dec 11)

Annual Lake Moovalya drawdown to occur in January 2019 for maintenance activities (Dec 10)

Juvenile arrested for felony vandalism (Dec 10)

Correctional Deputy expedited hiring event (Dec 08)

"Bigfoot" - Moran Cartoon (Dec 07)

Bush Decency and America's Christmas List - Mollette (Dec 07)

Volunteers needed to survey Riverside County’s homeless population (Nov 30)

New-Aged Up - Randles (Nov 30)

CHP goes online to help alert the public (Nov 30)

Enjoy Christmas before it's over - Mollette (Nov 30)

Settlement of $9 million reached with large debt collection companies (Nov 17)

Narcotics & firearm seized in multiple events (Nov 17)

Cannabis tax revenue increases in 3rd quarter of 2018 (Nov 17)

More than 650 illegal aliens apprehended in the last two days (Nov 17)

CHP helps seniors stay sharp and safe (Nov 17)

Thanksgiving and very thankful - Mollette (Nov 17)

Conversation on “Why Israel Matters” at CSUSB (Nov 14)

"Vulture Songs" - Moran Cartoon (Nov 13)

"California Fire & Fury" - Kamensky Cartoon (Nov 13)

CHP acts against adult driver distraction (Nov 11)

First flu-associated death reported (Nov 11)

Pigeon Fever outbreak in wild horses being held for controversial sale - Leigh (Nov 11)

Child sex offender arrested & drugs seized at checkpoints (Nov 11)

$91K in crystal meth seized (Nov 11)

Trappin for…Skunk? - Slim Randles (Nov 11)

Beyond Crazy in America - Mollette (Nov 11)

3rd man sentenced in Devils Hole Pupfish Case (Nov 01)

Legal action filed against BLM Gold Rock Decision - Wild Horse Education (Nov 01)

CHP encourages teens and parents to Start Smart and Stay Safe (Nov 01)

The tone of our free speech - Mollette (Nov 01)

"Fish Recognition" - Moran Cartoon (Oct 29)

Your help needed in double-fatality investigation at the Grand Canyon (Oct 26)

Multiple smuggling attempts at checkpoints thwarted (Oct 26)

Guatemalan detainee gives birth (Oct 26)

Community urged to get flu shots (Oct 20)

Agents detect man with meth strapped to his legs (Oct 20)

U.S. citizen tries to smuggle illegals around checkpoint (Oct 20)

North Shore storm clean-up (Oct 20)

What is “Humane Euthanasia” according to BLM? - Cloud Foundation (Oct 20)

Saudi Arabia – Don't Go There - Mollette (Oct 20)

Theft of copper wiring and electrical equipment (Oct 14)

Attempt to smuggle meth with gun by walking around checkpoint (Oct 14)

CHP receives grant to increase motorcycle safety and awareness (Oct 14)

The alternative to dying - Mollette (Oct 14)

"Hot Horse Shoes" - Moran Cartoon (Oct 11)

Lost in Flash Flood (Oct 10)

Child passenger safety is a continued CHP priority (Oct 10)

Opera in the Bunkhouse - Randles (Oct 10)

Lane splitting tips for California motorcyclists (Oct 10)

Vote-by-Mail ballots for Nov. 6 election on the way to voters (Oct 10)

Kavanaugh – Decision Time – Emotional Nightmare - Mollette (Oct 02)

Riverside County Sheriff Public Auction (Sept 29)

"Bambi" - Moran Cartoon (Sept 22)

Surgery, Thorns and Roses - Mollette (Sept 22)

CHP promotes child passenger safety (Sept 22)

Lawsuit Filed to Stop “Barbaric” BLM Wild Horse Sterilization Experiments - Cloud Foundation (Sept 22)

Agents attempt to render aid & end up struggling with man in stolen vehicle (Sept 20)

Yuma BP nets 275 illegal aliens in two days (Sept 20)

County’s protective services operations being reviewed (Sept 20)

Search continues for hiker missing in Joshua Tree National Park (Sept 20)

Agents rescue 3 illegal aliens (Sept 20)

Riverside County Sheriff’s Citizens’ Academy 2018 (Sept 14)

Riverside County Sheriff's Department Hiring Event (Sept 12)

Traffic stop leads to felon in possession of a firearm (Sept 12)

Lake Mead fire boat dedicated to former Ranger (Sept 12)

Car crashes into Starbucks (Sept 11)

Victim of burglary leads deputies to robbers (Sept 11)

"Callin the doc" - Randles (Sept 11)

Agents capture convicted rapist (Sept 11)

Man arrested for lewd acts with a child (Sept 11)

Results of the 2018 Labor Day Marine Enforcement Operation (Sept 08)

BLM Backs Down on Pryor Mountain Law Suit - Cloud Foundation (Sept 08)

Labor Day Weekend Marine Enforcement (Aug 31 - Sept 03)

The Cloud Foundation wins reprieve for Pryor Wild Horses - Cloud Foundation (Aug 31)

John McCain – Chart a New Course - Mollette (Aug 31)

Grand theft of agricultural products (Aug 25)

"Moron Bees" - Moran Cartoon (Aug 25)

US Citizen forfeits car in smuggling attempt (Aug 25)

Two-year-old wanders away while dad sleeps (Aug 25)

Woman tries to pass counterfeit $100 bill at 7-11 (Aug 25)

3 juveniles arrested for burglary & vehicle theft after being caught on video (Aug 25)

Temporary Restraining Order filed to prevent destruction of Pryor Wild Horse Herd - Cloud Foundation (Aug 25)

Labor Day – Deal with the stuff - Mollette (Aug 25)

Man arrested after vandalizing & spray painting his name at Rams truck dealership (Aug 25)

National Recruitment Webinar for Customs & Border Protection (Aug 23)

Man jailed for animal abuse after injuring girlfriends Chihuahua (Aug 20)

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Citizens Academy Invitation (Aug 20)

Agents seize over 145K worth of hard narcotics (Aug 20)

Suit filed to protect world-famous Pryor Mustang Herd - The Cloud Foundation (Aug 20)

Audio Recordings – Omarosa, President Trump and Billy Graham - Mollette (Aug 20)

Agents seize 42.5 pounds of meth in gas tank (Aug 16)

Human Smuggling (Aug 16)

Foreign nationals attempt to smuggle $84K in marijuana (Aug 16)

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute fall registration now open (Aug 16)

Parents are arrested after their two-year-old is attacked by the family dog (Aug 10)

1,709 marijuana plants & 19lbs of processed marijuana seized (Aug 10)

Skeletal remains found in desert (Aug 10)

Do What You Enjoy - Mollette (Aug 10)

Agents arrest the same rapist for 2nd time in 5 months (Aug 10)

Palms-N-Paws Animal Shelter burglarized (Aug 05)

Burglary at Express Hardware (Aug 05)

"Cat Tongue" - Moran Cartoon (Aug 05)

Felon arrested after accidentally shooting himself (Aug 05)

Hearing Aid - Slim Randles (Aug 05)

Colonoscopy – Avoid Colon Cancer – Please - Mollette (Aug 05)

Man turns himself in concerning 2012 shooting death (Aug 01)

Man beats, kicks & threatens to hang wife (Aug 01)

Got one of Yuma’s Most Wanted (Aug 01)

Homicide at McDonalds – Suspect Arrested (Update July 29)

Homicide at McDonalds (July 28)

3 men guilty of violation of the Endangered Species Act & destruction of property at Death Valley's Devil's Hole (July 28)

ATV chase wrangles up two wanted felons (July 28)

Putin to the White House – Reason Enough - Mollette (July 28)

Phone Scam (July 22)

New BLM policies are cause for alarm - Cloud Foundation (July 22)

Rise in property values to outpace property-tax increase for the average homeowner (July 22)

Agents foil meth smuggling attempt worth $144K (July 22)

Son charged with attempted murder of mother (July 22)

Recent deaths from high temps cause officials to urge residents to be careful (July 22)

Branson duck boat ride – Bad judgment - Mollette (July 22)

"Looks Dark & Safe" - Moran Cartoon (July 15)

Thailand's watery cave – Something we can learn - Mollette (July 15)

Agents arrest 26 in human smuggling attempts (July 15)

Docs now have ability to check database for potential patient opioid addiction (July 13)

RV fire takes life of local man (July 13)

Man’s firearms seized after shooting rifle in the air (July 13)

Possession of meth for sale (July 13)

Border Patrol Agents continue to see spike in meth and fentanyl seizures (July 13)

Splash Pad Closure (July 09)

Virulent Newcastle Disease detected in Riverside County (July 08)

County crop report goes high-tech with app about local agriculture (July 08)

Yuma resident attempts to smuggle $158K worth of Meth (July 08)

Two drug smuggling attempts disrupted at checkpoint (July 03)

Two juveniles saved from human trafficking (July 03)

Private thoughts on our flag - Randles (July 03)

CSUSB Palm Desert Campus launches new campus radio station (June 29)

July 4th – You Must Decide - Mollette (June 29)

Only Safe and Sane fireworks are allowed in the City of Blythe (June 29)

CHP working to keep the roadways safe for the 4th (June 29)

Mexican national arrested for attempted human smuggling (June 29)

Attempted smuggling of meth worth $203K (June 29)

Fire on South First Street (June 29)

Lawsuit challenges BLM wild horse roundup in Nevada (June 28)

"Russian Sub" - Moran Cartoon (June 28)

Update on search for missing person in the area of Amboy Crater (June 25)

Recent celebrity deaths are an opportunity to help others manage suicidal feelings (June 23)

Man extradited from Oklahoma for a 2017 attempted murder charge (June 23)

Meth smuggler caught at checkpoint (June 23)

Citizens are warned to lock their vehicles, garage, and home doors following a string of burglaries (June 23)

Border pain and our children - Mollette (June 23)

CHP says plan ahead for safe summer travel (June 23)

Desert Roadrunner service changes (June 22)

18-wheeler driver parks rig on I-10 Colorado River Bridge & jumps 60 feet to water below (June 21)

Continued search for missing person in the area of the Amboy Crater (June 21)

Man runs at deputy’s car with rock (June 21)

Dangers of illicit and misbranded pharmaceuticals (June 19)

Deceased adult male found in desert (June 16)

Be the bystander who knows what to do! (June 16)

First two West Nile Virus cases for 2018 reported (June 16)

"Caterpiller" - Moran Cartoon (June 14)

New coordinator hired to battle homelessness across the community (June 13)

Sheriff seeking public's help with info on robbery of Pizza Hut (June 13)

Arizona: Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment Now - Post (June 13)

Extreme heat safety precautions for border crossings (June 08)

Precauciones extremas de seguridad contra el calor para los pasos fronterizos (June 08)

Food for All - Randles (June 08)

Father's Day - Mollette (June 08)

Bird owners urged to protect against virulent Newcastle disease (June 05)

Drug and human smuggling attempts (June 05)

Juvenile caught with stolen vehicle (June 04)

Deputy involved shooting (June 04)

Helo rescue of woman who fell 30 feet (June 02)

Caught on camera (June 02)

Cold case murder investigators get a conviction (June 02)

Marine Enforcement investigated 2 boating accidents over holiday weekend (June 02)

CSUSB Palm Desert Campus to present college degrees (June 02)

Riverside County unveils remote accessible vote-by-mail system (June 02)

Treatment of immigrant children in federal custody (June 02)

LeBron – America's King James Version - Mollette (June 02)

Dumped stolen vehicle located in a remote area (June 01)

"Bait Car" - Moran Cartoon (May 28)

Grand theft of agricultural products (May 26)

Cool Centers open June 1 to give residents a reprieve from heat (May 26)

Second iteration of Operation Sandman leads to 170 arrests involving human smuggling (May 26)

Rapist with kidnapping and burglary convictions caught (May 26)

Expanded job and training opportunities for veterans (May 26)

Dealing with Loneliness - Mollette (May 26)

Helicopter rescue for the victim of a rattlesnake bite (May 22)

Memorial Day weekend means seat belt enforcement (May 22)

Three caught at checkpoint in vehicle stolen out of Oregon (May 22)

CSUSB Palm Desert Campus offering online Hospitality Management Certificate (May 22)

100 mph pursuit (May 17)

Agents arrest four Mexican Nationals crammed in a car trunk (May 17)

Arrest for possession of stolen property (May 17)

America's second most favorite drink - Mollette (May 17)

Agents arrest sex offender in human smuggling attempt (May 12)

DPSS Adult Services receives national honors for elder abuse programs (May 12)

Are Americans Crazy? - Mollette (May 12)

Cannabis tax revenues total $60.9 Mil in 1st Qtr (May 12)

Previously deported felon arrested after brandishing knife (May 12)

"Egyptian God" - Moran Cartoon (May 10)

Agents seize nearly $273K of methamphetamine (May 05)

August 1 is deadline to file with Riverside County for unclaimed property tax refunds (May 05)

Arrest for assault with a deadly weapon (May 05)

18-year-old dies after car goes into canal (May 05)

Arrest for assault with a deadly weapon (May 05)

BLM releases plan to decimate wild horse & burro herds - The Cloud Foundation (Apr 29)

SB 54: ICE and public info access to jail inmate info (Apr 29)

Woman charged with death of child (Apr 29)

15th Nationwide Prescription Drug Take-Back Day (Apr 28)

Sheriff to use surplus funds to reduce CCW backlog (Apr 27)

Border Patrol Agents seize stolen vehicle and cash (Apr 27)

Riverside County seeks nominations for new Medal of Valor award (Apr 27)

Yuma Border Patrol welcomes the Arizona National Guard (Apr 27)

The Town Dog - Randles (Apr 22)

When Barbara Bush said damn - Mollette (Apr 22)

Public Administrator Estate Auctions (Apr 21-22)

New data shows homelessness decreased in Riverside County (Apr 19)

Woman with head injury helicoptered out of mountain canyon (Apr 19)

"Assassin Bug" - Moran Cartoon (Apr 16)

Personal Emergency Beacon guides rescuers to injured woman (Apr 16)

School violence hoax threats investigated at San Bernardino County Schools (Apr 13)

Man arrested for inflicting great bodily injury to a 3-year-old child (Apr 13)

Agents confiscate $348K of meth (Apr 13)

Troops on the Border - Mollette (Apr 13)

"Donald's Best Wall" - Kamensky Cartoon (Apr 08)

Gettin’ up early - Randles (Mar 07)

Vehicle theft trend reverses in California (Apr 07)

Woman arrested after marking up the historical Santa Fe Railroad Depot with graffiti (Apr 07)

Woman arrested for arson (Apr 07)

If You Quit - Mollette (Apr 07)

Border Patrol Agents seize significant load of meth & Fentanyl (Apr 07)

"Comin' in Hot" - Moran Cartoon (Apr 03)

Vehicle pursuit and recovery of a stolen vehicle and property (Apr 02)

Woman & child escape from barricaded house with report of shots fired (Apr 02)

BLM scrambles to write new management plan - The Cloud Foundation (Apr 02)

Border Patrol Agents arrest U.S. Citizen with multiple felony convictions (Apr 02)

Woman falls/slides 500 feet on snow and ice (Mar 28)

Hiker falls 100 feet, sustaining serious injuries (Mar 28)

Health officials to honor ‘Community Champions’ for contributions to local residents (Mar 28)

County health official warns of spike in juvenile drownings (Mar 28)

CSUSB Palm Desert Campus to offer online Hospitality Management Certificate (Mar 28)

Operation Sandman leads to 204 arrests for human smuggling (Mar 28)

Deputy finds wanted man while conducting routine business (Mar 28)

Woman arrested for sale of meth (Mar 28)

Restoration to remove tire tracks caused by off-roaders at Death Valley Racetrack (Mar 19)

High-speed chase ends in crash & trip to hospital for 17-year-old (Mar 19)

Colorado River Fair 2018 (Mar 15-18)

"Three Syllable Town" - Moran Cartoon (Mar 16)

Students shadow county employees at 15th Annual Youth in Government Day (Mar 15)

Blythe agents arrest convicted child molester (Mar 15)

Arrest for a felon in possession a firearm and stolen property (Mar 15)

Murder in Mesa Verde (Mar 15)

Advocacy groups threaten legal action over BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board meeting (Mar 15)

Search and Rescue finds lost woman (Mar 12)

Chiriaco Summit Built by Love to Last in the Desert - Gordon (Mar 09)

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute offering spring classes for people 50 and older (Mar 09)

Easter – America Needs a Good Story - Mollette (Mar 09)

Border Patrol arrests man wanted for homicide (Mar 02)

Shooting at Karma’s Calling Bar (Mar 02)

Agents foil multiple human smuggling attempts (Mar 02)

Out of state grand theft of a stolen vehicle (Mar 02)

Two lost hikers rescued by helicopter (Mar 02)

Agents rescue Honduran National (Mar 02)

Billy Graham – Shaking His Hand - Mollette (Mar 02)

Palo Verde High School assessed threat (Mar 02)

BLM Completes Wild Horse Capture at Triple B. Does BLM have a humane handling policy? - Leigh (Feb 22)

Riverside Superior Court Accepting Civil Grand Juror Applications (Feb 22)

Traffic stop leads to the arrest of three for active warrants and other felonies (Feb 22)

Guns, Opioids, Alcohol, Bad Judgment and Balance - Mollette (Feb 22)

Agents seize $218K in hard drugs (Feb 19)

Residential burglary and arrest on N K Street (Feb 19)

80 Plus Organizations Oppose Trump Administration Plan to Slaughter America’s Mustangs - The Cloud Foundation (Feb 19)

Parkland, Florida Shooting & Blythe - Wade (Feb 15)

Home invasion suspect caught & jailed (Feb 15)

Agents seize $12,000, drugs, and a firearm on I-10 (Feb 15)

Trump's Monthly Box of Food for Our Poor - Mollette (Feb 15)

Panorama City Man arrested for DUI, Evading & Possession of a Stolen Vehicle after chase (Feb 13)

Search warrant results in the seizure of gun, ammo, methamphetamine & heroin (Feb 13)

Woman rescued after falling 30 feet over waterfall (Feb 08)

Vehicle theft and possession of stolen property (Feb 08)

Alaska quake shakes water in Death Valley’s Devils Hole (Feb 04)

San Bernardino County Sheriff switches to digital radios (Feb 04)

"First thing is yank out the backbone" - Moran Cartoon (Feb 04)

$585,000 in homelessness, affordable housing spending approved (Feb 03)

Agents arrest U.S. Citizen with gun, drugs, and ammo (Feb 03)

Salton Sea: North Lake Vision (Feb 03)

Woman’s small dog helps fight off a home invasion (Feb 03)

Customs & Border Protection Citizens Academy Invitation (Feb 01)

Agents rescue a Honduran national from drowning (Jan 30)

Blythe agents seize more than $90,000 in Heroin (Jan 30)

The Flu bug – Don't touch porn stars, celebrities or politicians - Mollette (Jan 28)

Woman arrested for possession of a stolen firearm and possession of a stolen vehicle (Jan 28)

"Guggenheim Museum and the Golden Toilet" - Kamensky Cartoon (Jan 22)

PVVTA 40th Anniversary Celebration (Jan 27)

Book Review - Moran Cartoons: Vol1 Sleeping Dogs (Jan 24)

Good detective work leads to recovery of stolen property from a July 2017 burglary (Jan 23)

Deputies assist Mohave County Sheriff in recovering a stolen vehicle (Jan 23)

Doc and Old Tom - Randles (Jan 23)

"Shutdown" - Kamensky Cartoon (Jan 22)

Inland Southern California jumps 24 spots in one year on List of Best Performing Metro Areas (Jan 20)

"It's Your Song" - Moran Cartoon (Jan 20)

RUHS Foundation establishes support fund to assist 13 Perris siblings (Jan 20)

What President Trump must do to fix Medicare Part D - Mollette (Jan 20)

Blythe Bluegrass Festival 2018 (Jan 19-21)

Man arrested for child endangerment & assault with a deadly weapon (Jan 14)

Cal-Tax Adds ‘Fresh’ Category for Cannabis (Jan 14)

Suicide on I-10 Avoided (Jan 10)

Hiker lost overnight rescued by sheriff’s helicopter & S&R (Jan 10)

Helicopter rescue of hiker stuck on ledge (Jan 10)

Special Needs Resource Guide (Jan 10)

Canine finds heroin at Immigration Checkpoint (Jan 10)

Three arrested on drug charges (Jan 09)

Sheriff’s deputies chase stolen ATV to make arrest (Jan 09)

Hurting our young Americans' futures - Mollette (Jan 09)

"Like you could get this off the ground" - Moran Cartoon (Jan 05)

Vandalism and Trespass at Devils Hole in Death Valley National Park (Jan 05)

Wine and golf – never quite … adequate - Randles (Jan 05)

Riverside County to expand behavioral health resources in Blythe (Jan 04)

Arrest as a result of a stolen property investigation (Jan 04)

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