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Moran Cartoons: Vol1 Sleeping Dogs

Moran CartoonsBook Review from The Desert Independent

January 24, 2018

Author: John Moran

This hilarious compilation of quirky, offbeat black and white funny cartoons cleverly twists small observations into some gloriously absurd and humorous scenarios. A truly versatile and zany comic.

The one-strip panel drawings are engaging even for the most reluctant of readers, which means that you can sit back, put your feet up, and laugh at leisure. Itís series of short, sharp and varied anecdotes maintains plenty of variety. Whether its funny animal cartoons or comic doctors, this book guarantees to keep you entertained.

Moran has a rare ability to deliver inoffensive American humor (or if you're the other side of the pond, British humour), without any unpleasant agendas. His humorous jokes are openly silly yet still manages to poke fun at relevant topics, in fact their deliberately obvious nature is what makes his cartoons so special. He has a somewhat oddball approach to life which he paints with his largely surrealist and insightful comic drawings and witty jokes to match.

This is humour at its most refreshing. A satire of modern times for all ages, from the kids to their Grandparents, that will make you simultaneously cringe and explode with laugher in equal measure.

One thingís for sure; this is a comic book collection of beautifully drawn funny cartoon moments which at times are touchingly true to life. This compilation is an exceedingly good read. It is a book you will not regret owning.

Moran Cartoons: Vol1 Sleeping Dogs is available on Amazon.

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