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"Whodunit” Given by Drama Club

“A Murder Mystery at the Old Cataract Hotel”

By Robert JENSEN
The Desert Independent

March 25, 2012

BLYTHE, Calif – While not based on an Agatha Christie murder mystery, the play put on by the PVVHS Drama Club this week, “The Curse of the Pharaoh Queen,” puts the author into a fictional role as the “Hercules Poirot” of a twisting three-act play involved murder, Pharaoh’s curses, flying poodles and acidic bracelets. As the Drama Club students affected British and notable Texas accents, the play proceeded briskly to a packed house both evenings.

The play was put on under the direction of Director Victor Green and Asst. Director Samantha Newton with a host of lighting crews, prop crews, concession workers as well as set designers that brought the evening together. The cast of characters is as follows:

  • Agatha Christie – MallowanNoelle McMillin

  • Max Mallowan – Jonathan Smith

  • James (Jim) Holloway – Jacob Klingensmith

  • Cookie Turner Holloway – Jessica Williams

  • Athif Amsef – Emily Riddle

  • Scottie Mitchell – Eddie Marquez

  • Mohamed Tomei – Richard Martinez

  • Byron Nicolai – Ryan Zigglar

  • Anne Ellery – Melissa Blansett

  • Salia – Susie Perkins

  • Michelle – Tiffany Hardin

  • Lt. Hamman – Brittany Mark

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