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Student Board Member Honored

Tyne Brandon Takes Her Leave

By Robert Jensen
The Desert Independent

May 25, 2012

BLYTHE, Calif – At the recent meeting of School Board*, the Student Board member for the 2011-12 year was honored with a plaque from Board President Dr. Norman Guith that read "To honor your service to education. Awarded to Miss Tyne Brandon as a recognition of your hard work as the 2011-2012 student board member for the Palo Verde Unified School District."

Ms. Brandon is the daughter of High School Counselor Karen Brandon and will be leaving quite a legacy behind as she leaves for college. She is currently listed as the Valedictorian for her graduating class and her plans for next year are to move to Cleveland, OH to study Biomedical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University. Leading up to this endeavor was a close relationship with her favorite teacher – Mrs. Brandy Cox, an aptitude for AP Biology with a score of 770 on the Biology SAT, and a summertime paid internship at the Oregon Health and Science University where she studied the effects of alcohol on animals (Binge Drinking Mice) in Portland, Oregon.

In her other High School endeavors, Ms. Brandon has also served as the Girls State Delegate, the California Scholarship Federation treasurer, Interact Club member, volunteer at Appleby Elementary, a part-time nanny for a gifted 8 year old girl and Varsity Cheer Captain.

She states that her favorite memory of High School will always be cheerleading in the rain at her senior year Homecoming. She stated that, “It was truly a night that most people from Blythe will never experience anything close to again! I enjoyed it because it showed how strong our town’s support was; especially because so many people stayed in the freezing rain to watch the performance. That’s one thing I will probably miss in college; being part of Blythe’s small town, close knit traditions.”

Ms. Brandon ended her brief interview by cordially thanking all the Board members (New and Old) for helping her become the most effective student board representative she could be.

This reporter and the staff of The Desert Independent would also like to add their congratulations to this remarkable young woman and wish her all the success in her future.

*The School Board meeting refers to the Palo Verde Unified School District (PVUSD) Board of Trustees meeting.

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