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Straight A Students Honored

By Robert JENSEN
The Desert Independent

March 25, 2012

BLYTHE, Calif Over a hundred students and parents attended a Bar-B-Que luncheon on Saturday afternoon at the PVVHS Cafeteria honoring those students who have achieved straight-As on their report cards this current quarter.

Salmon, chicken and Tri-tip roasts were served with a variety of side dishes. Three board members were present for serving and cooking. District administrators aided and abetted. Other site principals were present as well as counselors and other members of the PVVHS Leadership Team to prepare and serve a sumptuous repast.

Bonita Bradshaw, PVVHS Principal, organized the event and paid tribute to these particular students in her remarks. She praised the honorees for achieving what they have done without having to be prompted by any of the numerous (and costly) intervention programs that are in place for students that struggle. Acting Superintendent Bilek also gave praise not only to the students but to their parents who are really responsible for ensuring these kids make the most of the education offered to them.

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