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Peggy Abbs Recognized as She Retires From Hospital

By Robert JENSEN
The Desert Independent

May 3, 2012

BLYTHE, Calif – At the regular meeting of the Palo Verde Valley Healthcare District Board of Directors held April 25, a number of people paid tribute to the contributions made by Mrs. Peggy Abbs as well as the quality of her work ethic.

Dr. Sahlolbei made mention of retiring lab director Peggy Abbs as being “the only person in the hospital smaller and skinnier than I am.” He also mentioned that she has done a lot of good for the hospital over the years – even though “she was friends with some people that were evil.” On a more serious note, Dr. Sahlobei stated that she always understood issues and didn’t take things personally. She has always went beyond the job in her work – investigating why things weren’t being done properly and making sure corrections were made.

“Now,” he further ruminated, “If she would only stop smoking and come back to work!”

Human Resource Officer Rebecca Morse presented Mrs. Abbs with a lifetime achievement plaque. Usually never a shy person, Mrs. Abbs was obviously humbled by the accolades coming her way throughout the meeting. Ms. Morse noted that Peggy has worked for the hospital since 1984 but that she will be remaining around the lab on a part-time consultancy basis.

The official tribute came when President Jim Carney read an acknowledgement of her contributions as gleaned from a number of evaluations from over the years. They are as follows:

  • Peggy is an excellent, dedicated employee, who is conscientious and excels in all areas. She is a definite asset to PVH and a good role model for department managers. Peggy follows through until the task is completed; she makes decisions wisely – she thinks before reacting; she willingly accepts challenges – she does not resist changes (1985).

  • Peggy is very visible to the community and constantly projects a positive image of PVH. She is always striving to improve her department and is very cooperative and positive. Peggy assists other departments with regulatory issues. She supports staff members in furthering their education. She successfully designed, educated others and fully implemented the glucoscan program (1992).

  • Peggy runs an effective department. She uses the PI process very well. She has regular staff meetings. She demonstrated excellent management and supervisory skills. Peggy has the respect of hospital leadership, doctors and her fellow managers. Her knowledge base is vast, her computer skills are legendary, and she has very satisfied employees. Peggy does a remarkable job as Environment of Care Director (2001).

  • Peggy excels in customer service. She is keenly aware of the importance of her role and serves as a customer advocate. Peggy has been an outstanding leader in laboratory performance and hospital teamwork, with exemplary skills to balance staff needs, physician order and patient interests.(2009).

The editorial staff of The Desert Independent would also like to add their congratulations to this remarkable person and wishes her all the best in her retirement.

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