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Editor’s Note: Elaine Littlefield departed the Inde some time ago to follow her dreams. In her travels about, she has always managed to interact with some interesting folk. She will be sharing some of those stories here.

November 2, 2012

SHOW LOW, Arizona – I was given the Apache name Kee'Pee pronounced Kippy by a 21 year old bible scholar named Charles who is an Apache. It means mellow and easy going.

The Hopi Calendar

Last week I interviewed a young man regarding the Hopi calendar. According to him there will be a major volcanic eruption in Colorado this December. With tears running down his face he repeated these words several times, "Get to high ground.” He said that Phoenix will be destroyed along with several other large and small cities. They will be covered with lava.

I experienced the Mount Saint Helen's eruption in 1980 and I know it would be suddenly totally dark. It took Spokane 30 minutes to figure out how to activate the EBS. It could take longer in Arizona. When it happens it will be too late to escape. Earthquakes would be triggered.

The young man was raised by his grandmother. She told him many stories about her ancestors. The Navajos and the Hopis had a great war. Only four Hopis survived. They escaped to the cave dwellings where the tribe there sheltered them. The name of the tribe starts with a T and has four letters I believe. I do not have internet service so I cannot Google it. The young man said he is a mutt, half T---, one quarter Navajo and one quarter Hopi. He has seen and studied the calendar.


Betty works at Spirits Lounge inside Hon-dah Resort. She interprets dreams. Recently she had a dream of many ships sinking. Immediately after the dream a high school boy who she knew committed suicide. Since then there have been about 30 deaths in this 50 mile radius. She says it has just begun. Many more ships will sink very soon. I have been invited to several wakes on the White Mountain Apache Reservation this week. In the past two weeks about 20 have died. I read the Apache newspaper on Saturday and about 10 more were in the obituary. In Show Low many more have died. These areas have small populations. The percentage of deaths is unusually large. Summit Hospital in Show Low has had 50 medical errors these last few weeks. It is under staffed and the staff they have methodically go right by the book.

Case #1

A young girl went to the ER complaining of severe jaw pain. She was given antibiotics and sent home. She returned twice more only now her pain and swelling has increased. Her mother finally took her to a hospital in Phoenix. She was taken to surgery right away. Her mother was told her tooth abscess had spread to her brain and if she had not had the surgery she would have died within a few hours.

Case #2

A man was in a motorcycle accident. He was taken to Summit by ambulance. He had a cut on his leg and a headache. He wanted stitches in his leg which the staff refused to do. He attempted to leave was placed in restraints and the police were called to hold him. He was put in a helicopter and flown to a hospital in Phoenix were his leg was stitched and he was released. The bills are in the tens of thousands.

Case #3

A woman went to the ER with leg pain. Months later she has had three staff infections and the Doctor at Summit wants to amputate her leg.

Case #4

An elderly woman went in for routine eye surgery. She woke up during the surgery to the sound of two doctors arguing about whose fault it was. When she woke up she was blind in that eye. The doctor agreed to do a second surgery. Now she is still blind in that eye and has lost most of the vision in the other.

These are Elaine's stories and opinions alone and not those of The Desert Independent, LLC. We publish them for the interest and entertainment of our readers.

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