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November Students of the Month

Vanessa Canizales and Maria Gutierrez

By Robert JENSEN
The Desert Independent

November 10, 2012

BLYTHE, Calif – At the convocation of the Palo Verde Unified School District Board of Trustees this past Tuesday, two remarkable students were brought forth for recognition.

Principal Jeremy James of Felix J. Appleby Elementary introduced Vanessa Canizales and his statement is as follows:

Vanessa Canizales is an outstanding sixth grade student at Felix J. Appleby. Her homeroom class teacher is Mrs. Andrea Jimenez and her parents are Beatrice Rincon and Carlos Canizales.

While reviewing Vanessa’s files, it was pleasure to discover that she has scored Proficient or Advanced on every CST she has taken since 2nd grade. She assures me that she will score double Advanced this year. Her favorite subject is math – in which she scored Advanced last year.

Mrs. Jiminez describes her as a “caring individual that always gives 110%. She uses what she has learned in class and applies it to real world situations.”

There were several of these students vying for Student of the Month. When I found a statement from Valerie Lopez, Vanessa’s 5th grade teacher, and it sold me on her being selected for the honor of Student of the Month. On her report card, Mrs. Lopez said, “She is a pleasure to have in class and a wonderful student that is always on task.”

In summation, Vanessa strives to follow the school and classroom rules and takes to heart Appleby’s motto, “Never settle for less than your very best.” For all this I have mentioned and more, I am proud to recognize Vanessa Canizales as the elementary Student of the Month.

Principal Doug Ferber of Blythe Middle School then introduced Maria Gutierrez to the Board and his statement reads:

Eighth grader Maria Gutierrez has been a student in our district since kindergarten, attending Margaret White and Appleby before joining us here at Blythe Middle School – “a place where kids come to learn.”

Maria has achieved high marks and is well above proficient on her CST’s, but more importantly, she understands the importance of following rules and thanks her parents, Juan and Veronica, for instilling this in her and her two younger siblings – Ismelda and Ezequiel.

“I hate to break rules so I follow them,” Maria said. She also credits her family for her success because of their closeness. “If any of us gets into any trouble, we are all there to support each other,” she said.

On campus, Maria is like any other 8th grader, respected, courteous, a friend to many and a dream to have in class – according to her teachers. Maria doesn’t even know where our PRC room is. She said that when she finishes school she either wants to work with children or perhaps go to a college of the arts and become a singer.

It is with great pleasure that we honor Maria Gutierrez as BMS Student of the Month for November, 2012.

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