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Nevada Man Runs DUI Checkpoint and Crashes on I-10

September 4, 2012

BLYTHE, Calif While conducting a DUI checkpoint on West Hobsonway last Saturday night, just before midnight, a 1993 Ford station wagon approached at an estimated speed of 45 MPH and did not stop for posted signs or lights. It almost struck a reserve officer working the check point and continued east, and then turned down Commercial.

Officers from the check point drove to the area, but were unable to locate the vehicle. Moments later, a patrol unit saw the vehicle driving eastbound on Donlon approaching Seventh Street. The vehicle continued east and entered the east bound I-10 on-ramp. When the officer arrived at the top of the ramp, he found the vehicle sitting in the center median, where it had come to rest after a traffic collision.

It was later learned that as the vehicle had accelerated up the ramp, it had run into the back of a tractor trailer that was driving east bound on I-10.

Officers ordered the subject out of the vehicle, but he did not comply. When officers approached the vehicle, they could see that the subject had injuries. When officers opened the door to contact the subject, he attempted to hit one of the officers. A Taser was used, and the subject was removed from the vehicle. However, he continued to resist arrest, but was taken into custody with assistance of other officers.

The suspect was identified as 36 year old Vida Rodriguez of Las Vegas, Nevada. He was treated at the scene by River Medical. He was then transported to the Blythe Airport, where he was airlifted to Palm Springs for further evaluation.

During the investigation, officers found that Rodriguez was under the influence of alcohol while he was driving. Charges will be submitted to the D.A. for Driving While Intoxicated. Additional charges of Resisting Arrest and Driving on a Suspended License will also be submitted.

Persons charged with a crime are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Anyone with information regarding this case, or any other crime, is urged to contact the Blythe Police Department at 922-6111 or they can give their information anonymously by calling Crime Stop at 921-CARE (2273) or by E-Mail.

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