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Man Punches Teller After Check Refused

March 9, 2012

BLYTHE, Calif On Thursday, March 1 at 9:32 in the morning Blythe Police responded to Rabo Bank on Hobsonway after a teller being hit by a Hispanic male. The man then left the area.

Police learned that 51 year old Robert Teniente from Blythe entered the bank and attempted to cash a check for over three hundred dollars that appeared to be altered. The teller became suspicious and made an, inquiry about the check. When she told Teniente that she could not cash the check, Teniente got mad, attempted to grab the money the teller was holding in her hand, but was unable to do so. Teniente then reached across the counter and punched the teller on the mouth with his fist. He then ran out of the bank holding the check he had attempted to cash and left the area.

A search then ensued for Teniente, however he was not located until about 7:00 that evening at his residence in the 300 block of San Jacinto in Blythe.

The teller was taken to Palo Verde Hospital where she was treated and released. Teniente was later booked in the Blythe jail for attempted robbery, burglary and attempting to pass an altered check.

Persons charged with a crime are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Anyone with information about this or any criminal activity is urged to contact the Blythe Police Department at (760) 922-6111. Information can be given anonymously by calling (760) 921-CARE.

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