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Grandmother Beaten then Made Victim by Police

By Robert Winkler
The Desert Independent

July 16, 2012

PHOENIX, Arizona – Elaine Littlefield was driving near Elliot and 48th Street in Phoenix about 10:30 p.m. when she was attacked by what could have been an officer of the Phoenix Police Department in uniform.

Ms. Littlefield had stopped at a red light when an apparently impatient driver behind her honked for her to move on the light’s change to green. The other driver sped by at a high rate of speed as soon as it turned green. Elaine then honked at her as the other driver sped by as she was irritated. The other driver apparently didn’t like getting honked at and immediately reversed her car pushing Elaine’s car back several feet.

What happened next was even more frightening for a 65 year old grandmother.

Elaine was faced with a young, angry, athletic enraged woman getting out of her late model luxury car screaming obscenities. She specifically remembers “I’m going to f*&# you up”. The grandmother’s door was locked, but her driver’s side window open. The other driver was black, and wearing dark blue pants and a uniformed tee. She was tall, thin and muscular.

She hauled back and punched this 65 year old grandmother in the face.

Ms. Littlefield heard the crunch as flesh and bone succumbed to this crime. She lay out of consciousness for a bit before the pain and shock set in. Still she had the presence to try to get a plate number, but the perpetrator had sped off at high speed from the crime scene.

The grandmother went to the nearest public place seeking aid, a Circle K and asked the attendant to call 911.

When help arrived, it could not have been a worst case showing for the Phoenix Police Department. Instead of a professional response for a crime victim, the injured grandmother was made to feel the criminal by the police responder. He apparently was (like the perpetrator) impatient and angry. Not a good combination for a public servant carrying a firearm. When Ms. Littlefield encountered him about ten minutes after the call, the officer was immediately in a raised voice (read yelling) because of how she was parked at the Circle K.

Probably the most telling question was that he asked this 65 year old grandmother “why don’t you have a job?” He also wanted to know just about everything else about me like the last 3 places I lived, my destination and the like, Ms. Littlefield said. He was reminded that Ms. Littlefield was the victim and not the perpetrator. This professional didn’t call for paramedics, leaving that to the victim.

This 65 year old grandmother was victimized twice on the evening of July 16. Once by what was probably an off-duty Phoenix Police Officer; and, next by the Phoenix Police Department.

We are alarmed by the behavior of those who are supposed to serve and protect when they behave in this manner, losing sight of what it is to be a police officer.

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