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Car Stolen at E-Z Mobile

February 12, 2012

BLYTHE, Calif On Saturday, February 11at 9:53 in the morning Blythe Police responded to the E-Z Mobile on S. Lovekin regarding a stolen car.

On arrival police spoke to Alejandro Dorame who told them that a few minutes ago he had arrived at E-Z Mobile to buy some items. He left his truck running and walked into the store. As he walked into the store he saw and heard a Hispanic male with long hair asking people for a ride to Indio. When he exited the store his brown 1991 Chevy truck was gone and so was the Hispanic male.

The information of the stolen vehicle was passed on to surrounding agencies. At about 11:20 A.M. police were notified that CHP had located the stolen vehicle at the Valero Gas Station on Mesa Verde about seven miles west of Blythe and that a suspect was detained. The CHP officer told Officer Walnoha that he found the vehicle by the gas pumps with a Hispanic male standing next to the vehicle.

The male was identified as 27 year old Gabriel Stephen Mirelez from Thermal. Dorame responded and identified his vehicle. He also identified the male detained as the Hispanic male he saw at E-Z Mobile asking for a ride to Indio. The vehicle was released to Dorame and Mirelez was transported to the Police Department for further investigation.

Mirelez stated that he had been in the Metcalf Recovery Ranch in Blythe for the past week. He did not like it there and wanted to go home to Thermal. Mirelez said he walked from Metcalf Ranch to the Mobile Station where he stole the truck. He drove west and stopped at the Valero Station for gas and that is where he was contacted by CHP. Mirelez was later booked into the Blythe jail for auto theft.

Persons charged with a crime are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Anyone with information about this or any criminal activity is urged to contact the Blythe Police Department at (760) 922-6111. Information can be given anonymously by calling (760) 921-CARE.

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