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2-Day RV Street Parking Limit

By Robert Winkler
The Desert Independent

August 25, 2012

BLYTHE, Calif The First Reading of a new city ordinance to restrict RV parking on the streets of the City will be at the Tuesday City Council meeting. The 2-day limit parking on-street parking restrictions are being proposed by Mayor Galvin and the Blythe Police Department.

Apparently the Blythe Police Department has received complaints regarding motor homes and other RVs, trailers and utility vehicles being parked for long periods of time on city streets. The City's current ordinance as written does not give the City the authority to take action on violators.

Two of the three main provisions of the proposed ordinance are:

  • No person shall park or leave standing any Recreational Vehicle or Trailer, regardless of length or width, upon any public street or highway in the City for a period of time exceeding forty-eight (48) hours.

  • No person shall run electrical cords, extension cords, hoses, cables, or other items across, above or on the parkway or sidewalk from a residential or commercial property to a Recreational Vehicle or Trailer parked on a public street.

The new ordinance was developed by legal council and the Police Department after receiving input from the City Council apparently as the result of a study session held at City Hall at the request of Mayor Galvan, to determine if there was a need.

The written materials claim it is best suited for our City, that it provides the police with the proper tool to take action when they receive a complaint of extended storage of RV and utility trailers on the street.

The ordinance however does not limit police to complaints for enforcement.

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