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The Swimming Hole

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July 24, 2020

Slim RandlesThere is in the splashing of the creek a great spray of diamonds. As each youngster sails like an astronaut out on the tire swing, then releases the hold on the earth to flail, suspended in time and space for that brief second or two, there is a timelessness, a postponement of all things evil and destructive, an affirmation of joy.

The swimming hole in Lewis Creek has been there since Indian times, of course, and the tire swing was probably preceded by simply a rope with knots in it. It is one of the summer lodestones of our existence.

Each summer we have to make our pilgrimage in the hot sun to the hole below the little waterfall, to the place were Lewis Creek widens and deepens for the benefit of hot, dry people before becoming just a creek again. And in this widening of the creek, this sacred place in our summer lives, we also play witness to the passage of years.

Across the creek from the tree with the tire swing, the gravelly bottom extends gently with almost no current for ten feet or so. This is the baby beach, where squealing tots are allowed to cool off without benefit (or hindrance) of any more covering than the smiles of their parents.

As the children grow, they venture farther out into the current of the creek and test their strength against the forces of nature. By the time a youngster is eight or ten, the seduction of the tire swing becomes overwhelming and the flailing of the arms and legs against the blue of the sky begin. Later still, when gangliness becomes fluidity and sleekness, and we want to make catlike moves to attract the opposite sex, the tire is used as a swinging platform for exquisite dives into the deep part of the creek where the big trout lie in cold holes.

And as we age, and we watch our children come to love the hole in Lewis Creek, and as we sip lemonade in the shade as our grandchildren work their ways up the swimming hole chain of life, we can look at the splashing of the creek and see, with each sleek dive, with each laughing bellyflop, the diamonds of the creek sent skyward, and the laughter stays with us and keeps us strong and makes us feel rich, and fortunate.

It is unnecessary to say the hole in Lewis Creek is an important part of our lives, because it, along with so many other treasures of the years, really is our lives.

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How Many Friends Do You Have?

Guest Opinion

By DR. GLENN MOLLETTE, Syndicated Columnist
To The Desert Independent

July 24, 2020

DR. GLENN MOLLETTEHow many friends do you have? Thousands? If you are on Facebook you may have close to 5000 friends and tens of thousands of more "friends" via Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or various other social media connections. Are you really connected? Can you really call these social media friends, "friends?"

How many of these people do you talk to or have ever had a verbal conversation, in person or on the telephone? How many of them have you met or would like to meet? In most cases if your social media "friends" wanted to meet you and visit you it would scare you to death.

Although, I know a little bit about most of mine and in most cases I think I would probably enjoy it. If I wouldn't enjoy it then why have that person in my circle of "friends?" The larger the number of people you have in your social media circle the less likely you are to know much if anything about them and then you have to ask yourself "why?" Most people would never have that much time to talk on the phone with all their social media friends.

I receive friend requests everyday but seldom accept many because often they are from people who I'm clueless about. Why do I want to know what they are doing or what I'm doing if I don't even know anything at all about the person?

There is a verse from scripture that says "A friend sticks closer than a brother." Often in life you discover your friends aren't who you thought they were but often are the people you might never imagined. A true friend steps in when the others have walked away. All you need to do is fall on your face, make some mistakes in life and you'll lose the majority of your "friends." They'll disappear. The handful of people who stay with you or show up to help you will become the greatest people in your life.

I once heard someone say, "The person who loves God most is at his post when all the others have walked away." It's true with a friend. A real friend will be there regardless. How many people do you have in your life who will come to you if you are 200 miles away and your car is broke down? Who will try to wire $500 to you if you are in a distant town and lose your wallet?

What if your business fails, you file bankruptcy, divorce, get a terminal illness or do some stupid things in your life? You may have already found out how people shy away from you during life upheaval. Often, they don't know what to say or do and so they walk away or become distant. They aren't real friends. A real friend doesn't walk away. A real friend doesn't tell you what you want to hear but may tell you their thoughts without trying to wound you. They talk to you in love and in friendship.

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